Thomas Quigley joined the Vivian Video team in early 2009, and is most commonly known for his roles as co-host in various Let's Play Awesome series. He has done work as a writer, writing scripts for Pink Lemonade, video sketches, and video game plots. He is also a contributor in the concept team, and sometimes acts in videos.

See Team Members, and also Case 2.

Projects Worked OnEdit

List of projects this person is known to have worked with.

  1. Door to Door 3 Trailer (2012)
  2. LPA The Sims 2 GC unreleased (2012)
  3. Door to Door 3 (2012)
  4. LPA Sonic 1 (2012) (5 episodes)
  5. Door to Door 1 (2012)
  6. Helichoppy unreleased (2011)
  7. Pink Lemonade (2008-2011)
  8. LPA New Super Mario Bros Wii unreleased (2010)
  9. LPA Ocarina of Time (2009 - 2010) (9 episodes)
  10. LPA Half Life 2 (2009) (2 episodes)


See Thomas Quigley Filmography.

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