The Ghost Who Smells Carpets was created because YouTube came out with a tool called GoAnimate, and Brandon Vivian decided to try it out, and also make a strange video. It was created and released on April 1, 2011.


A man walks into his living room to discover that a ghost is smelling his carpet. He tells the ghost to leave, but the ghost retaliates by pretending to be a possessed person and floating upwards. He forgets how to float downwards, though, and eventually becomes stuck on the ceiling. It does succeed at scaring the man, though, and he runs to his bedroom to call Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters man teleports there with his psychic teleportation powers, and they go to get that ghost! However, Ghostbusters has this new policy where they're required to give the ghost the option to leave peacefully, so the man does. The ghost suddenly remembers how to float downward, and so he floats down and leaves because he never really was a very confrontational sort of ghost. In celebration, the Ghostbusters man invites his telekinetic girlfriend over for a dance party. The homeowner doesn't really feel like dealing with this and leaves. Shortly afterwards, the ghost returns for a second because he realizes he accidentally left his couch behind. He takes it, and also banishes the Ghostbusters man to the painting on the wall for all eternity. Then he leaves. The telekinetic girl is impressed by this and claims it to be a triumph, not realizing that her boyfriend is now trapped forever in a painting.


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