The End of the World was a sprite comic started on October 27, 2006 and lasting until its final update on March 24, 2007. It was about the antics of several bad guys from various series trying to wreak havoc. Brandon Vivian made another comic in the past also called The End of the World, but it was a cartoon-style comic, and the two series are unrelated.

Main CharactersEdit

Mario Franchise:

  • Shadow Mario
  • Luigi

Sonic Franchise:

  • Shadow

Invader Zim Franchise:

  • Zim
  • Gir

Legend of Zelda Franchise:

  • Link

Other CharactersEdit

Sonic Franchise:

  • Knuckles

Bubble Bobble Franchise:

  • Bobby
  • Bubby


See the list of The End of the World (Sprite Comic) Episodes.

External LinksEdit

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