The Team Member of the Year is the person who was involved with the most projects in a given year. If there is a tie, the person whose last project was closest to the end of the year gets the award. The most projects a team member has ever participated in one year is 30, by Alexander Eskin in 2012.

See also Team Member of the Month.

For overkill, see Team Member of the Decade.

Top MemberEdit

In terms of whose been Team Member of the Year the most amount of times.

  1. Anthony Regits, Thomas Quigley, Ian Beattie

Top Runner UpEdit

Team Members who have been runner up the most.

  1. Sean Manuel


Year Team Member Projects Runner Up
2012 So far Alexander Eskin 30 Thomas Quigley, with 23
2011 Thomas Quigley 13 Sean Manuel, with 6
2010 Thomas Quigley 15 Anthony Regits, with 13
2009 Anthony Regits 19 Thomas Quigley, with 18
2008 Remington Vivian 4 William Vivian, with 4
2007 Jesse Ide 14 Kyo, with 5
2006 Joshua Zukowski 5 Jesse Ide, with 2
2005 Ian Beattie 5 Joshua Zukowski, with 3
2004 Ian Beattie 5 Cameron Schmitchen, with 2

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