Subfloral was Brandon Vivian's very first publicly released album, containing 14 songs that were originally created anywhere in the range of 2007 - 2011, with the majority having been made in 2008. It was released on bandcamp for the price of 5$ for the whole album, but with the release of Circuit Knife in 2013, it was made free. You can find the page by clicking here.

Song ListingEdit

This is the complete list of all the tracks included in the album.

  1. Journey Into the Mines
  2. Gambling with Science
  3. Digitropical
  4. Sadness 2
  5. Voltage Danger
  6. Happy Go Frenzy
  7. Water in the Mines
  8. Zenithal Reflection
  9. Haunted 2
  10. Underwater Desert
  11. Chaos Alchemy
  12. The Moon Song
  13. Glaciality v2
  14. Consequential Boulevard

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