Locoboy and Goocheyman is one of Brandon Vivian's earliest comic series, and the original run was believed to have been created entirely in a two-week period in July of 2005, during a camping trip. It's the earliest comic to contain an entirely original cast and theme, the first to use primarily non-human characters, and was the first comic to charactize Landoland. The episodes have a large overall plot, but are individually largely unconnected. It was made up as it went along based on the whims of Brandon Vivian and Benjamin Smith, and was largely illustrated by the former. Like many hand-drawn comics worked on by Brandon Vivian, it contains a lot of Non-Sequitur material.

Main CharactersEdit

Other CharactersEdit




Loco Devil Coo Fako Agent Stache
Mr. Ripoff Mom Maza
Goocheyman Clones Lance Double Ghosty
Locoman Chipsey Eggsie Bush Monsta
Doug Mucous Some Random Guy Santa Claus
- Caterpillar Skipper
- Marxis Blitzer
- Managederp Dashen
- Comedy Boss St. Fartrick
- Gurl Loco Snake
- Shock Absorber Easter Goochey
- Remy Customer
- Wonky Benji Customar
- Benjamin Franklin Stop Sign
- Ticket Crazy Jerry
- - Jerry
- - Scribbly Benji
- - Ketchup Klutz
- - Spiky Benji
- - Da Zookeeper
- - Garfield
- - Doofus
- - Not Greg
- - Loser
- - Darkhelmetman
- - Slug Nine
- - Angry Bow Slug


see Locoboy and Goocheyman Episodes.

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