Greg is a main character from Locoboy and Goocheyman, although he was introduced much later on in the series. He's Locoboy's pet, and lives with him and Goocheyman at Castle Goocheyman.


Greg was born at the Landoland City Zoo and lived there for most of his life. During his time there, the place was managed very poorly. One day, he couldn't stand it any longer, and began sending out a plea for rescue via psychic thought waves. As it so happened, Locoboy was wandering through the park at the time, and since he has the ability to communicate with slugs via thought, received the plea and encouraged Greg to breathe fire. Greg hadn't thought it would be that easy, but as it turns out the zoo's exhibits were made very poorly and thus he was able to melt through the side of the display and break free. Locoboy then adopted him and named him Greg, and he now lives with with him at Castle Goocheyman. After he noticed how fast Greg was, Locoboy entered him in the slug contests held at Flammable Park. Though he won the racing contest, he was disqualified from the firebreathing contest because he accidentally set the park on fire.



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