Album cover.

This 10-song album by Brandon Vivian was released on February 21, 2012. It was his second album, after Subfloral and before Circuit Knife.

Work began on the album on October 13, 2011, with the song Digital Industry, for which the album is named. The name is also because all the songs are an attempted mix of Digital and Industrial music stylings. The combined runtime for this album is 49 minutes 13 seconds.

It was the first album by Brandon Vivian to be available on iTunes, but was not renewed and has not been available there since February 21, 2013. It can be obtained freely through Bandcamp.


Song Name Length Creation Date
Digital Industry 4:11 October 12, 2011
Ghost Factory 4:22 November 11, 2011
Intensity Engine 6:00 November 13, 2011
Electron Circuit 4:31 November 21, 2011
Industrial Inferno 4:24 November 29, 2011
Interstellar Energy 4:29 December 8, 2011
Shadow Assembly 6:15 January 6, 2012
Mechanical Paradise 3:08 January 7, 2012
Clockwork Gears 5:28 February 4, 2012
Malfunction 6:25 February 8, 2012


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