This is a list of all the comics covered here on the Vivian Video Wiki, or that Brandon Vivian was ever involved with. For more generalized lists, click on one of the links at the bottom. There are currently 77 known comics, and they are here organized in alphabetical order. There may be more, but these are all of the ones that we currently know about.

  1. 60 Second Comics
  2. Adventure of Mario
  3. Adventures of Joey Brad
  4. Adventures of Joshem
  5. Ask Freee
  6. Attack of the Mutant Appliances
  7. Author Network
  8. Authortastic
  9. Boyscout Goochies
  10. Brandov's Stick Figure Comic
  11. Cactusfrog and Sonic and Friends
  12. Cave Goochies
  13. Chaos and Siblings
  14. Classic Winjab Classics
  15. Comic De La Sprite
  16. Comic of Doom
  17. Cop Guy
  18. Couch w/ Lasagna
  19. Don't Hire Freee
  20. Earthbound Type Comic
  21. Everything Else
  22. Evil Mario
  23. Exclusives
  24. Freaking Crazy
  25. Funky Jammin' Fun Stuff
  26. Green Hill Zone Adventure
  27. Grey Stuff Inc
  28. Guestcomic Paradise
  29. Guestcomics
  30. He Tried to Kill Me With a Forklift!
  31. Hidden Palace Zone Adventure
  32. Hidden Palace Zone Adventure II
  33. Homework of Doom
  34. Joshfrog's Sonic Comic
  35. King Cockroach
  36. Kirby and the Ever-Exploding Universe
  37. Kirby Author Comic
  38. Kyo Is Awesome
  39. Legacy of the Silver Wallet
  40. Link's Forgetful Adventure
  41. Locoboy and Goocheyman
  42. Loco Inc
  43. Mario Comic
  44. Mario Quest Thingy
  45. Mario's Wacky Adventures
  46. Medieval Goochies
  47. Meemeem
  48. Microbial Madness
  49. Minus World 2
  50. Modern Goochies
  51. Party of Enjoyable Doom
  52. Pine Trees Killing My Front Lawn
  53. Pink Lemonade
  54. Pokemon Adventures
  55. Remy Comic
  56. Roman Goochies
  57. School Goochies
  58. Scrib
  59. Shoo & Box
  60. Super Mario Adventure
  61. Strange Land of Odd Adventure
  62. Strange Mario
  63. Teen Pokey the Penguin
  64. The End of the World
  65. The End of the World (Sprite Comic)
  66. The Matthew and Flexihorn and Also Freee Super Stickman Hour
  67. The New Author
  68. Theo and Yahweh
  69. Totally Awesome Space Adventure
  70. Treee Comics
  71. Video Game Gags
  72. Whatever
  73. Whiskerhouse
  74. When In Random
  75. Your License Plate Exists!
  76. Zeldos
  77. Zim on a Spoon

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