This is a comic created by Brandon Vivian on January 18, 2010. It was originally meant to be updated daily, but updates have become less frequent over time. Every episode is drawn entirely within 60 seconds, as demonstrated in this video. Panels are the only thing arranged ahead of time, and the adding of text is not counted towards the time limit. In more recent episodes, though, this hasn't been as strictly adhered to.

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Main CharactersEdit

This is a list of all the major characters in the comic, along with their Nyert Power.

Other CharactersEdit

This is a list of all the characters in the series who appear less often.

Lily Jellyfish King Pac-Man
Navi Great Deku Tree Spaceman Spencer
- - Nosy Newsperson
- - Window Monster
- - Hat Jellyfish
- - Cute Jellyfish
- - Red Spikehair
- - Fu
- - Pat-Man
- - Hello Girl


See the list of 60 Second Comics Episodes on a separate page.

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